From the initial launch of the Oculus Rift, one of the core criticisms that have been aimed at the product has related to Oculus’ (or rather Facebook’s) walled garden.

In the past people have accused Facebook of trying to manipulate the market by restricting users to only being able to play strict Oculus content from their Library.

People in the know would know that they can install Steam and play additional titles even with an Oculus Rift, but it’s always felt like it was circumventing the standard ‘Oculus Home’.

However, in the latest update they have now put in support into Oculus Home for ‘Third Party Applications’. Users on Reddit’s r/oculus confirmed that using the new update allowed them to open games that previously had been installed via Steam and then a shortcut was created within Oculus Home.

This is great news, it shows a sign that Oculus (and Facebook) are becoming more open to the idea of not having such a strict policy regarding the library as before – realising that people want to have all their favourite content in one place and easily available.

This is a big win ease of use / quality of life win for the Oculus Rift owners and this comes on top of the recent significant price drop for the Summer Sale.

This is also a big win for VR generally – as the lower the barriers to entry, the more accessible it is and the more content easily available for each platform – the more chances of the technology continuing it’s rise toward mainstream popularity.



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