oculus dash

Facebook’s Oculus team are about to release a big update containing something called ‘Oculus Dash’ and it’s going to be big. Really big.

Oculus have previously focused on some smaller updates to Oculus Home which gave some fairly good quality of life improvements, however this is so much more.

If you are a lucky owner of an Oculus Rift, you will know what it’s like to play your favorite game only to have to keep taking the head set off all the time to look at your desktop or check some application for information. Thankfully the days of doing this however are nearly over.

Introducing OCULUS DASH

Oculus Dash natively puts the desktop experience at your finger tips from within VR. It will allow you to instantly and seamlessly switch applications, load other windows or see things on your desktop without having to ever take the headset off.

What makes this even better is the fact it will allow you to pin windows within your favourite VR experience. No more long journey of space trucking in Elite Dangerous just staring into space. Now with Dash you can pin a youtube video or a twitch chat window within the ship’s environment allowing you to entertain yourself at these boring times.

HOw do I Get IT?

Oculus Dash comes out tomorrow as part of the Beta program in the Oculus Home software. To allow yourself to experience it tomorrow you need to go to the Oculus Home settings and choose to opt in for the beta program. Please note however, that as part of the ‘beta’ program it may be buggy.

Why is it so IMPORTANT?

I think this will really set the Oculus Rift apart from the competition, allowing users to have the best of the desktop experience and the virtual experience at their finger tips.

It will totally open up the Oculus Rift firstly as a potential desktop replacement, allowing you to multi task with ease across multiple applications / virtual desktops.

But mainly I think that it will just improve the whole experience within VR so much that it will be impossible to go back. For streamers this will also open a whole range of possibilities, allowing them to check their stream without taking the head set off, see how many people are viewing and even respond to their chat.

I’m excited are you?

I personally can’t wait and will do a full report once I get to try it out for real.

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